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Do you have a Pre-existing Medical Condition ?

Are you covered ?
We want to make sure that your understanding of what is and what isn't covered by your policy is clear, so it is important that you advise our medical screening company about any pre-existing conditions that may affect the cover that you receive before you begin your journey. Please refer to your policy wording which confirms which medical conditions are automatically covered.

If any of the points detailed below apply to you, you have a responsibility to contact the Medical Screening Service using the following link before your trip commences.

If you do not contact the Medical Screening Service you could invalidated your policy.

  • You have, during the last 24 months before this insurance started, suffered from or received treatment, advice or medication for any chronic ongoing or recurring illness or conditions (A chronic condition is one lasting three months or more).

  • You were receiving, recovering from, or on a waiting list for in-patient treatment in a hospital or nursing home.

  • You were waiting for the results of tests or investigations, or awaiting a referral for an existing medical condition.

Failure to contact us may leave you with no right to make a claim, and may mean that you travel with insufficient cover.

If there is any change to a pre-existing condition or if any of the reasons stated above occur between the date the certificate of insurance is issued and / or before the first day of your trip, you must notify the Medical Screening Service immediately using the following link

We will then decide if we can provide you with cover on existing terms. We may ask you to pay an additional premium or add special conditions to the policy.  If we cannot provide cover, or if you do not want to pay the additional premium, you can make a cancellation claim if you have booked and paid for a trip that you have not yet made. Alternatively you can cancel your policy and we will send you a pro rata refund.

We reserve the right not to extend this insurance if deemed necessary by us, where the booked trip could be detrimental to your well-being. Failure to contact us could leave you with no right to make a claim and may mean that you travel with insufficient cover.

If cover can be provided for your condition, you will be given a screening reference number and a letter will be sent to you upon receipt of payment. Any additional premiums must be paid directly to the Medical Screening Service.

IMPORTANT - Disclosure of Facts

There is certain information that we need to know as it may affect the terms of the insurance cover we offer you.

You must, to the best of your knowledge, have given accurate answers to the questions we have asked when buying this policy.

If you have not answered the questions truthfully if could result in your policy being invalid and that could leave you with no right to make a claim.

If you think that any of your answers might be incorrect, or you need help, please contact the Medical Screening Service call on us +44 (0) 330 660 0563 as soon as possible and we will be able to confirm if we are still able to offer you cover under this policy.


In respect of a travelling companion, an immediate relative, close business associate or person who you plan to stay with during your trip, who is not a named on your certificate of insurance, but on whose health the trip depends, this policy will not cover any claims under Section 1: Cancellation or Section 2: Curtailment, that result directly or indirectly from any pre-existing medical condition you knew about at the time of taking out this insurance or when booking a trip, and that affects:

  • a travelling companion who is not insured under this policy;
  • an immediate relative who is not travelling and is not insured under this policy;
  • a close business associate; or
  • a person you plan to stay with on your trip.

Subject to the terms and conditions, such claims may only be covered if their medical practitioner is prepared to state that the date you bought this policy or of booking a trip, they would have seen no substantial likelihood of their patient’s condition deteriorating to such a degree that you would need to cancel your trip.  If the medical practitioner will not confirm this, your claim is not covered.  In the event of a claim the medical practitioner must complete the medical certificate on the claim form.